Microsoft announces a new Education Alliance with the International Student ID Card

Microsoft and the International Student Identity Card Association (ISIC) have established an Education Alliance focused on student access to technology and fostering employability.

Microsoft is deeply committed to working with governments, communities, schools, and educators to use the power of information technology to deliver technology, services, and programs that provide anytime, anywhere learning for all. Under this agreement Microsoft will work in partnership with ISIC to provide students around the globe with access to the 21st century tools and skills needed to help realize their full potential.
The holders of an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) are verified, bona-fide fulltime students. This Education Alliance Agreement between ISIC and Microsoft provides the ISIC student card holders with:

  • Access to developer tools and educational resources for all students & junior entrepreneurs
  • Access to training & support program to assist ISIC student members in their studies and to enhance their employability skills and prospects
  • Consultation & support in the building of next generation Cloud Services for ISIC student card holders
  • Access to savings on Microsoft software licenses and selected hardware from Microsoft partners

“We are thrilled to offer our world-class software and educational tools to the ISIC student community,” states Jon Perera, Microsoft’s General Manager Education. “Our aim is to make technology accessible to students throughout the world, to enable them to realize their full potential. By partnering with ISIC we are able to reach a global student community and provide them with access to the technology and skills essential to a knowledge-based economy”.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Microsoft,” says Martijn van de Veen, General Manager of ISIC. “Since its introduction more than 60 years ago, the ISIC student card has helped open the world to tens of millions of students across the globe. Teaming with Microsoft provides a leap in value to our student community: educating and equipping students with the most current and effective technology and skills thereby further preparing them for the 21st Century learning environment.”

About the International Student Identity Card Association (ISIC)
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Association is the not-for-profit member organisation behind the International Student Identity Card, the only internationally accepted proof of student status. The ISIC card is endorsed by organizations such as UNESCO, the European Commission and the Andean Community of Nations. In addition the card is recognized by universities, academic institutions, student organizations, national governments and ministries of education around the world. The ISIC card is distributed to more than 4.5 million full-time students in 120 countries every year. It provides students with access to a wealth of specially negotiated student services and discounts, online and offline, thus supporting them throughout their student career. To learn more about ISIC visit


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