A digital scrapbook that allows users to share all aspects of travels

Social travel site Gogobot has launched a new feature, Travel Collections, an offering that allows its users to “create beautiful, stylised digital scrapbooks” to capture and share all aspects of their travels with friends and family.

The new feature allows users to share their adventures in a format rich with color and context – an enhanced scrapbook for the digital age. The new Collections layout also allows users to seamlessly integrate their activities from other social media sites – including their check-ins on Facebook and Foursquare – and professional photos from Gogobot.

“Our travels are important to us, creating memories that are deeply personal and rich with emotion. Until today, however, people have been limited to sharing these memories through online photo albums where the images are preserved, but the context and narrative that gives them meaning is lost,” said Travis Katz, Gogobot co-founder and CEO.

Katz said Gogobot has launched a revolutionary digital scrapbook that allows users to curate and share all aspects of their travels, packaged into a “super user-friendly interactive, crisp and clean design”.

Users can share their photos, reviews and other details about the places they stayed, dined, and traveled from the Gogobot site.

Earlier this week Virgin Atlantic launched its new app, Trip Journal. The airline says its new iPhone and Android app is for globetrotters heading off on their holiday. The app allows users to share their holiday experiences via photos, videos and notes, and share their experiences with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Picasa and Flickr. This free app allows travellers to log their holiday experiences and share them with family and friends wherever they might be around the world. The app also includes destination guides and travel tips from Virgin Atlantic’s social community



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