Base Backpackers launch website for the “always connected” traveller

Base Backpackers has launched a dynamic new website built for iPhones, smart phones, iPads, tablets and other mobile media devices.

Base launched today their new look booking website designed and built for today’s “always-connected global youth traveller.”

Campbell Shepherd, CEO of Base, said “We spent considerable time researching the latest technology trends, what our guests were experiencing online, how they were consuming this medium and how we could improve our online presence.

“We quickly realised that with the speed of technology and the everyday use of social media we needed a responsive design, an engaging connection, we needed to consider the use of apps and we needed to embrace the latest trends in high quality visual imagery and video whilst ensuring our No.1 priority of booking beds was fast, simple and easy.

“It’s quite surprising given the nature of the backpacker market that most sites have remained fairly traditional in their style, so we believe we will lead the market in terms of adapting the technology towards the needs of the changing market.

“Travellers are connecting more and more devices wirelessly to the Internet, whilst tablets and iPads have been a runaway success. The ‘pocketable’ iPhone, Android and smart phone devices are increasingly driving the way we interact and the way our guests are booking beds, so the new site will better meet the market demands.”
Mr Shepherd also said the new Base website was a massive investment into the future of anywhere-anytime and simple connectivity for travellers.

“We wanted to blend the best from a technology and contemporary accommodation websites to suit our market of young, savvy, street-wise global travellers, whilst never under-estimating the power of simplicity”.



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