Consumer survey: Australia pricey, but worth it

Less than a third of travellers in Australia think the country is affordable, despite 70% of them still considering it a must-see destination, according to a new backpacker survey revealed at last week’s Adventure and Backpacker Industry Conference in Sydney.

The results of the TNT Magazine Reader Survey, in which backpackers currently travelling around Australia were questioned about their travel opinions, were revealed by TNT Publishing CEO Kevin Ellis on Thursday.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those questioned named Sydney as their top choice destination Down Under, albeit only beating Melbourne by just one vote. Completing the top 10, in descending order, was the Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Auckland, Uluru, Christchurch and Tasmania.

The research also showed that the majority of travellers (55%) said they were spending just $350 a week, with the next biggest group (27%) shelling out $650 each week.

Just 30% described Australia as affordable. However, despite the cost, 70% called the country a must-see destination, with less than 2% stating they’d be happy to give it a miss.

Tours were not deemed popular by those that responded to the survey, with 84% saying they prefer to go it alone.

In response to questions about the motivations behind travel, 54% said they were looking for physical adrenalin rushes and 73% for the chance to develop their personality, while festivals, cultural events and historically significant events also proved a major factor.

Word of mouth was the clear winner when the travellers were asked for their most valuable source of travel information, with Google and Lonely Planet also well ahead of the pack.



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